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Information for agents and intermediaries

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Gramo handles your clients’ right to remuneration when their recordings are used in broadcasting and public performance.

Anyone who has a right to remuneration may be admitted as a Gramo member, in accordance with the provisions of Section 21 of the Copyright Act.

Gramo claims and distributes remuneration to all participating musicians on recordings, both featured and non-featured.

Becoming registered with Gramo

In order to be registered as an intermediary for performers in Gramo and apply for membership on behalf of your clients we need the following:

  • Full name and address of company

  • Full name and address of bank as well as all necessary information for payment

  • Name, email address and mobile phone number of contact person with Gramo

Client applications

Mandatory information and documents you will need to include in your applications:

What types of identification are accepted for processing purposes?

• Copy of passport

• Copy of driver’s license

• Copy of national ID card

A passport is highly preferred as it verifies the applicant's nationality, however, if a passport is unavailable, a driver's license or national ID card may also be accepted.

For the identification to be considered valid, it must be up to date and not expired.

For us to accept your application the following must be fulfilled:

  • If the artist is or was represented in Norway by another society or agent you have to send us a termination letter confirming the mandate transition.
    The document has to include date of termination including and state any additional collection period if needed.

  • Include all mandatory documents and information in each email.
    You will need to resend all documents if the application is not accepted.

Remuneration generated by your client will be paid out to the agency account. If your clients wishes to use their own bank account, this must be clearly stated in the "Gramo membership application form".

Please remember to report any client resignation from your agency.

Note! In the event of changes to the geographic scope of the management right you must send us the resignation signed by the artist no later than 1. October for the resignation to take effect on 1. January the following year.

Please send your application to

Payment schedule

Deadlines for intermediaries

Performer applications must be sent before October 1st to be processed before the end of the year.

Claiming for performers

We register repertoire for performers through discography forms which you send with each application.

Portal/Min Side log-in

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide intermediaries access to Min Side.

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