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How to get money from Gramo
How to get money from Gramo

Record a song and get it played on the radio!

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Record a song 🎤 🎹
Primarily you have to contribute musically (performer) or financially (producer) to a recording. The song can be your own or someone elses.

The song must be played on the radio, in stores, cafes, gyms, or similar. 📻 🎵
This is the basis for getting money from Gramo.

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In addition, you should know the following:

You will be paid up to three years after the music has been played

If your music is not already registered with Gramo when played, no problem! If you register your song with us today, you will be paid money for up to three years after it was played.

You must have earned at least NOK 300

To be paid money, you must have earned more than NOK 300 since the last payment.

You will receive payment no earlier than the year after the music has been played on the radio

If your music has been played this year, you will be paid for it no earlier than next year.

The song must be protected - and what does that mean?

To recieve money from Gramo, the song must be protected.

Under Norwegian law, a song is protected when:

  1. A Norwegian performer participates in the song - or it is released by a Norwegian company

  2. An EU / EEA performer participates in the song - or it is released by a company from the EU / EEA area

  3. The song was released by a company from a Rome convention country. 92 countries have signed the Rome Convention .

The United States is a country where a lot of music is played and created, but this country has not signed the Rome Convention.

Protection time

A recording is protected for 70 years after it was first published or published, cf. the Copyright Act § 21 . This means you can receive Gramo money 70 years after the recording was released. After 70 years, the recording can be used freely.


Public authorities, for example Statens Innkrevingssentral, can order Gramo to make deduction of your Gramo money. The relevant authority must inform you of this in advance.

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