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Claim recording rights.
Claim recording rights.

This is where you can check airplayed recordings and claim rights to them if you or your company has PP&B rights.

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Submission deadlines

  • April 1st 2024 – deadline for any changes to be included in the June 2024 payment.

  • September 1st 2024 – deadline for any changes to be included in the December 2024 payment. (December 2024 we close two airplay years. Both 2020 and 2021 will be closed in December 2024)

Airplay lists

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The possibility of making rights claims from playback reports via Min Side as a producer-rights holder is now open.

You can now check whether recordings have been played in norway in an open playback report on our websites - see if your recordings are correctly registered to you as a producer - and make rights claims for these via Min Side.

If Gramo does not have a right holder for the recording or for some reason has the wrong right holder registered, this can now be easily reported to Gramo via Min Side.

See how to here

Or see video below:

Playback reports in Excel:

The Excel files can be used to identify airplay, claims still need to be processed through the Min Side portal. We do not accept claims in excel.

- Note that excel version may not have the latest updates.

Updated Febuary 13th 2024

Tips of what to look for in the playback reports:

  • Recordings registered with your company as rightsholder that are incorrect and that you withdraw claims to.

  • Recordings registered to other company that are incorrect and that you can claim.

  • Recordings registered with “No rightsholder” that you have the rights to claim.

  • Recordings registered as “Not protected”, where you can provide new information that changes this.

All claims must be accounted for

This means:

In most cases the mandatory information related to the repertoire like ISRC, P-Line, Producer name etc. is enough to determine the validity of the claim made.

In cases where Gramo is unable to verify the validity of the claim made by claimant from the mandatory fields reported, claimant must add additional information.

Examples of such cases can be:

  • Producer of the related recording/s available publication (release) p-line is not the same as the actual rights-holder in our territory.

  • Producer of the related recording/s available publication (release) p-line in our territory is not the same as claimants.

  • ISRC registered in gramo’s base and/or release is not the same as the one given in claim and Gramo cannot determine if recording is of the same version, or version is not the same.

  • Product is licensed to other party in our territory.

All examples resulting in a mismatch of available information related to the recording and the listing in the claim.

Explanation of status given in claims:

Status: "Rejected"

If there is a mismatch in information without any additional form of document provided, or link to information that clarifies the claim, the claim is "Rejected".

Rejections are presented with a comment that explains why the claim is rejected.

Note: If the comment to the claim is just a reference to a p-line, this p-line refers to the track version that has received airplay.

Status: "Pending dbl claim"

If the claim is made valid and there are other rightsholder/s with conflicting claim, the claim is "Pending dbl claim".

In the case of dbl claim, the claiming parties are informed and referred to resolve the dispute themselves via negotiations, mediation, arbitration or the court system, and to notify Gramo of the final decision. Future payments are frozen pending this.

If dbl claim is with another society like PPL, Gramex etc. we advise you to contact them directly.

Status: "OK (Accepted)
If the the claim is made valid and there are no other rights holders claiming the same repertoire the claim is "OK (Accepted)"

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