The board consists of:

  • Three representatives from artists and musicians

  • Three representatives from record companies and the master owners

  • An independent chairman of the board.

"Independent" means that the chairman of the board is not a member of Gramo and has no affiliation with any of Gramo's rightsholder organizations.

The board elected at the general assembly in 2021 consists of:

  • Cathrine Nagell (Chairman of the Board) with Knut Ro

  • Marte Thorsby with deputy Lena Midtveit

  • Daniel Nordgård with deputy Marius Øvrebø-Engemoen

  • Erling Andersen with deputy Erik Brataas

  • Hans Ole Rian with deputy Ingvild Andrea Tellmann

  • Eddie Nygren with deputy Ivar Noer

  • Anne Lise Frøkedal with deputy Ivar Storm Peersen

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