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Here are contact details for everyone working in Gramo

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Kim Skarning Andersen, general manager

Øystein Rudjord, senior lawyer

Gramo for members / rightsholders

Phone membership service: +47 22 00 77 80

Torill Nesøen, head of membership department

Tor Bernhardsen, project manager - reporting and settlement

Morten Møller, member service and ISRC for artists and musicians

Ann Mari Skog, member service for artists and musicians

Julia Witek, member service for artists and musicians

Rikard Haugen, senior rights manager - record companies and master owners

Kristian Hultgren, foreign agreements - artists and musicians

Henriette Korsmo Berg, foreign agreements - artists and musicians

Kristoffer Eikrem, agent agreements

Gramo for companies

Phone: +47 22 00 77 97

Anne Tone Raknes, head of marketing department

Helene Svaland Johansen, marketing consultant

Suzanne Nyhuus, marketing consultant and campaign manager

Tone Gunnarsen, marketing consultant

Katrine Høksnes, marketing consultant and partner relations manager

Kjartan Thilo Lode, customer consultant

Martin Halla, customer consultant


Rita H. Mamelund, communications manager

Bastian Daae, communications advisor and web editor


Morten Tørmoen, IT manager

Ståle A. Olsen, system developer

Andreas Grannæs, system consultant


Martin A. Degenaars, financial manager

Marianne Helleberg, accounting, web radio and local

Abdul Khaliq, accounting, local radio and data protection officer

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