We are doing our best to achieve the best possible outcome for you. However, there may be cases where you are not satisfied.

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If you, after having been in contact with our member department, still wish to provide comments or submit a complaint, we would be glad to hear from you.

I have a complaint

A complaint is a written communication (other than a comment) to Gramo stating that you are dissatisfied with us or a decision we have made that directly and personally affects your interests.

You need to submit the clearly motivated complaint to

Procedures for complaint handling and dispute resolutions.

In general

A decision made by Gramo's administration can be appealed to Gramo's board by a rights holder, collective management organizations with representation agreements with Gramo, and external rights holders affected by the decision.

Written requirement

The complaint must be submitted to Gramo in writing, accompanied by documentation, and within the deadlines mentioned below, calculated from the day the decision has reached the rights holder. The decision being appealed may be reversed by Gramo's administration.


Gramo's administration decides on a rights holder's complaint regarding settlements and similar matters. The complaint must be submitted within six weeks from the day the settlement/communication has reached the rights holder.

The administration's decision in complaint cases can be appealed to Gramo within three weeks. Gramo's administration's decision can be further appealed to the board within six weeks, and the board will address and make a final decision on the matter at the earliest board meeting after receiving the complaint.

Other decisions

The complaint deadline for other decisions made by Gramo's administration is six weeks. If Gramo's administration upholds its decision, the complaint will be reviewed by the board, which will address and make a final decision on the matter at the earliest board meeting after receiving the complaint.

Complaints regarding the distribution of remuneration, including but not limited to rights holder disputes and more, are handled according to Gramo's distribution regulations.

Loss of the right to complain

If the complaint deadline is exceeded, the right to complain is forfeited.


The Norwegian Industrial Property Office (Patentstyret) supervises the compliance with regulations provided in or pursuant to the Collective Management of Copyright Act, see Section 49. This oversight includes Gramo.

Dispute resolution between liable parties and Gramo

Disputes regarding remuneration under Section 21 can be referred by either party to the Remuneration Board (Vederlagsnemnda), which has the authority to determine the remuneration in a binding manner.

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