Issues on the agenda:

  • Constitution of the meeting

  • Election of chairman, speakers and two to sign the minutes of the meeting

  • Annual report

  • Annual accounts

  • Auditor's report

  • Approval of board fees

  • Approval of fees to the auditor

  • Discharge of responsibility for the board

  • Election of board and deputy members

  • Election of a state-authorized public accountant

  • Election of two persons with deputies to a committee for control of the management of the association

  • Election of a nomination committee consisting of five members, with a committee chair who is independent of the licensee groups (cf. § 8, 2nd paragraph, last sentence, and otherwise two from each sector)

  • Any other matters from the board or submitted by the members Gramos articles of association

Protocol from Gramo's general meeting in 2021 (pdf)

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