Equal prices for everyone in the same industry

We do not negotiate prices for each company, but for entire trades.

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Gramo have decided that alle companies within the same trade will get the same pricing (tariffs).

As an example, the "Cafe Brown" and the "Cafe Green" will pay the same if their premises are of the same size and they have the same number of yearly business days.

Because of this we do not negotiate price for each company, but for an entire trade.

All businesses within a trade that has been through vederlagsnemnda, will pay according to the prices settled there.

In other trades the prices will be negotiated directly between Gramo and one or more trade organizations.

The prices are accepted by the trades

In the early 2000s, when Gramo started collecting renumeration from shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels and the like, several cases were settled in vederlagsnemnda.

The prices for these trades were settled there and accepted by the different businesses.

Today over 16 000 businesses pay Gramo to be able to play music for their customers and guests.

Vederlagsnemnda have determined prices for the following trades:

Disagree with the pricing?

If you disagree with the pricing, you could raise the issue with The Ministry of Culture.

The Ministry of Culture will either make a judgement or send the matter on to vederlagsnemnda.

You may also choose to raise the issue with vederlagsnemnda, or demand that the Ministry transfers the matter to vederlagsnemnda.

This is how vederlagsnemnda works:

  • Vederlagsnemnda consists of one chairman and two other members, appointed by the district court judge in Oslo District Court for 5 years at a time. For each member an individual substitute representative is appointed.

  • The chairman of the council must be a lawyer

  • The expenses for the council's activities will be paid by the parties in the matter after decisions taken by the council

  • The negotiations in the council are administered by its chairman

  • All members will participate in the decision. If the members disagree, the majority decides

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