A label, or record label in good Norwegian, is a brand name under which the music is marketed. A record company or master owner can have multiple labels.

The first time you register with Gramo as the owner of a recording, you will receive something called a registrant code. You can use the same registrant code across all labels you own.

You must use the registrant code in the first part of the ISRC code.

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How to find your registrant code

The registrant code can be found on My page inside your account on the profile that has the label you want to see the registrant code for.

If you do not find the registrant code:

  1. If you have not logged in to My Account, click here first . If you have logged in to My page, you can skip to step 3 👇

  2. Then come back here, after logging in.

  3. Finally click here to get to your registrant code

Do you need a registrant code? - Send us a message with the name of the label, and we will arrange a registrant code for you, which you need to create ISRC.

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