Private: You will not receive money from Gramo for music streamed by private people, such as listening to Spotify. You may be paid for this through the agreements you or your record company have with Spotify or other music streaming providers.

Public: For music streamed in a shop, restaurant or such, ie in the public sphere, the company that owns the shop or restaurant must pay Gramo and Tono for public play of the music.

Gramo works to obtain reports from music streaming providers on what music is played publicly, in order to pay you with rights to this music.

Until now, only the major radio channels have had the posibillity to give us detailed information on what music and how much they play this music, and this is what we use as a basis for making payments. Therefore, your music must be played on the radio in order for you to get paid. But when we get detailed information on what music and how much is played through the music streaming providers in shops, restaurants and the like, we include this in the basis for making payments. We are working to ensure that your music can be played elsewhere than on the radio, and that you will still be paid money from Gramo for this.

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