To calculate how much you should get paid, we need to know your role on all the songs you have participated in.

You can only have one role code per song, even if, for example, you play several instruments or are both a musical director and a permanent member of a band.

If you qualify for multiple role codes, select the one first in the alphabet.

  • A before B and C

  • B before C

Here are the criteria that determine your role code.

Role code A :

  • Soloist or solo artist

  • Featured artist

  • Permanent member of a band

Are you a soloist or featured artist on someone else's song? Fill out this form and send it to us (pdf)

Role code B:

  • Musician who is not a permanent member of a band

  • Orchestra member

  • Choir member

  • Remixer

Role code C:

  • Conductor

  • Musical director

Are you a musical director? - Fill in this form and send it to us (pdf)

This is how we calculate the payment for artist and musician - read more here

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