What is Gramo?

A summary of what Gramo is, why we exist and what we do.

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Gramo is a collective management organisation (CMO), sometimes also referred to as collecting societies.

We are there for artists, musicians and record companies who invest their talent, time and money to get paid when their music is being made available to the public.

We are owned and operated by our members

The members are Gramo's highest body. Members can use their right to vote to decide how we should safeguard their interests at the annual meeting.

The members also have representatives on Gramos' board.

Everyday music gives sound to our lives

Gramo enables radios, cafes, shops, hairdressers, and others to use the music they wish for their customers and listeners. The sums from each individual might not be large, but with over 16,000 music users across the country, it amounts to quite a bit.

We distribute the money to the musicians, artists and record companies – in order for them to continue to make music that enrich our lives.

If you run a radio station, cafe, restaurant, hotel, fitness centre, or otherwise play music for your customers or guests, you need to sign up and pay for this to Gramo.

Gramo is approved by the Ministry of Culture and Equality:

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